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Yeah, add a few things together and create IWM theory.

I have enough clues of what I'm supposed to be talking about. I mentioned everyone having a flat worth of 10 million dollars. That's a far-fetched one. That is one way to improve the system, however. I mentioned not arming the police to enforce my policies. I don't think you realize how brilliant that is. That's the greatest way to fail. Enforce something by the police. There's Nichols. Nichols was brutally murdered. That was fucked up. Police can rough you up, but they beat that kid to death. I saw the footage where they were kicking his head like a football.

Maybe the police do need to be reformed. The way they're acting is unacceptable. Granted, the Courts cover for us. Sometimes we can even sue. But the police are too aggressive. I know I'm starting to worry about meeting some killer cop. I'll lose my job, my house, and my car. Killer cop.

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