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Woke up at 8 this morning.

I needed more time to get going this morning. So good. I didn't plan on waking up until 10:30-11 o'clock. Just thinking about how rich I was with my Dad. My Dad wasn't a bad guy but he needed to learn how to get along. So luckily, I was able to be there for him in his time of need. The dementia went on for 2 years. I dealt with a crazy person from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep. I'm ecstatic that I could do it for him. He just got a King's treatment. I wanted my Dad to see the money, but instead, he saw a life-saving miracle. It was cool. I took care of my Dad for 4 years.

I've been being communicated to by God. God says he's going to heal my Dad. Well, I've proven the spirit. For 5 years there were no miracles, really. The spirit that claims he's God declared my Dad would be healed regardless of what I or anyone else does and I've been witnessing a lot of miracles. The radio has been playing the songs we listen to, and I got my first good job just down the street of where he was staying just a couple of weeks ago. He's moved and now he lives in Farmington Hills. My childhood was spent in Farmington Hills. It's not so amazing, but it is striking. Maybe God is saying something about Farmington Hills (where we used to live).

Otherwise, my job is going good. I left 15 minutes early and got caught by a train, thus making me tardy. My boss tells everyone that if you want to work there, the first and foremost is attendance. So I'm leaving half an hour early with 15 minutes more. I leave 45 minutes early. 15 minutes to get there and a half hour to get past the train you're stuck at. Then one of the managers wanted to see if I was doing anything, and I almost did a tote in about 15 minutes. Which is unprecedented. I got to go back to the sticker section and continue working. If I wasn't doing anything, I probably would have gotten written up.

But I didn't accomplish anything IWM-wise. I just renewed my car and driver's license, I got something to eat, and I cleaned up a little. Plus, I did other stuff. I was getting stressed out so I wrote down what I needed to do. "Don't give up or quit." I have a relatively hard job. It's not 50 bucks an hour hard, but it is 17.50 an hour hard. I was talking to my friend Sean yesterday, and I told him the most striking difference between this job and my other jobs is that my present job is actually difficult. Kroger's, Kohl's, etc. Easy jobs. This job has me panicking. I can't just stand around. It was my job to stand around at all my other jobs. They were easy. With this job, I stay working for 8 hours all together or else I don't work there. It's much more difficult. Well, I guess that's what the pay is for. Bossman is making me middle-class so that I can do some hard work for him.

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