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Why has this been such a struggle?

I don't understand that. I've relapsed 5 times, they say I should need permanent hospitalization by now. I'm fine. I mean, don't pick a fight with Infinite Wealth Ministries. That's some kind of angel or something. I am a good guy. You might think of me like an angel. Why do I believe that? That's so crazy. So yeah, Infinite Wealth Ministries isn't bad. Is it really real? I can't prove it to you because I don't have your phone number. Or we're not in person. So yeah, really? A schizophrenic that's crazy about doing that. That's amazing. Maybe I will make some money one day. Of course, to me it's getting real as rain.

But yeah, all the misfortune. My Dad isn't well. I believe he'll get better, but man, that's faith in the impossible.

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