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What a blunder. But I'm good. Start fresh.

I was too sore. But now I'm fine. My record was calling in sick every 2 months at Kohls. I worked there for 5 months and called in sick 3x. Bossman said he wouldn't have a problem with calling off as long as you didn't do it basically at all.

I just became a skilled worker at my job. For example, I was working with all new people, and I had to break the ice. I sneered at this kid for talking shit about me. I had bad teeth, and it means I'm crazy. Rappers do sneering. That isn't a rap thing, that's a sneer. But yeah, I'm familiar with everyone, I know how to do a good job, and this is the 3rd week of working at this place. So I go back there and I do business. I do the work and bossman gives me a square deal. He's making twenty million dollars a year or something. I don't mind that. You have to work for that kind of money. I've had 56-hour-a-week work sessions, but it wasn't an actual job. It was investing. Investing is a kingpin in my activities. I do it a tenth of the time. It's what's most important to me. I don't need to start with a hundred million dollars. Ten thousand is basically the same thing. Take me a year longer, I guess. Well, that's a joke. Only a year?

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