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Well, that ends the day.

It was short-lived. I got a lot done, though. I cleaned up, studied, took care of some business, etc. I only got two days of freedom anymore. That is a high price to pay. There's mandatory overtime at this place. I haven't even started it. I need a job, so this is perfect for me. I'm not quitting until at least 3 years are over. The Economy is really good right now. This isn't going to last. I have a meal ticket at the place I'm working. I may need to work longer than 3 years. So yeah, I'm game for the work. I need the money. I am just looking at a handful of days until everything intellectual has ended for the most part. The problem is that I don't already have money. The job pays the bills right now. I'll start paying IWM bills when I get around to making a lot of money. I need assets. The job will give me the opportunity to manage my money. I work 50 hours a week over those bills. It's an act of exercise or training. Ridiculous? I'm making 40 grand a year. That's enough to pay for everything I need. I'll probably be making a hundred grand a year off of investment once it's truly going on. It starts in the Fall of this year. I aim to make 30 thousand dollars. I'll repair my car, buy another used car, and repair the house. The house is the Fort. It was a Fortress for a year and a half when my Dad was around. It's back to being the Fort. Hold the Fort! That's really so quintessential. You can't lose forts, life doesn't work that way. So yeah, house, car, and job. You can figure life out easily by simply thinking, "House, car, and job." But yeah, put the money into that and some pocket money.

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