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Well I worked super hard today

Got a text at 2 pm saying they wanted to hear from me. Got a job. Spent 2 until 4:30 taking care of it. Then an hour later, I went to see my Dad. My Dad isn't able to talk properly. My Aunt says she's not sure if he can talk at all. It's somewhat true. I'm occasionally able to talk to him, though, but you can never know when. About that, I showed up, and my Dad was coherent. We talked for about 15 minutes. Then he got confused. I may only stay for 15 minutes from now on. No point upsetting my Dad. He was doing so good before I came. But yeah, 15 minutes in with my Dad. I'm not going to repeat what he said. I probably will once or twice, or maybe further in the future, but not now. Then I came home, and cooked a meal, and cleaned up a bit. In my opinion, you can never lie down while you're cooking because you may fall asleep. So I clean up while I cook. I did most of the dishes, cleared the table and counters, etc., etc. I was busy for 15 minutes while my food was cooked. I mean, lie down and start a fire. You should clean as you make dinner. Laying down truly is a bad idea. I will profess it. If you're lying down while you're cooking, you're being irresponsible. You could sit and watch TV, yes, or play a video game. Listen to the radio, talk on the phone, etc. You have to make it a point not to fall asleep.

But yeah, this is slave labor. God really put the elements against it. It never hasn't been hard. We're just more prosperous these days. We get a lot more bang out of our buck. But yeah, this is brutal. I was listening to Niki Minaj and you hear the devil when the opposite sex talks to you about sex. At least for me. Women ask me for sex and I hear the Devil. I think everyone does. Remember, I've never had sex with a girlfriend or anything. I don't actually know. Niki Minaj commented on it. You have sex and your partner sounds like the Devil because they're talking about sex.

Probably just me. Yes, a woman asked me for sex recently. All I heard was the Devil.

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