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Very good day

Very little displeasure. I arranged a job interview, had an adult conversation with my Dad, and got a few other things done as well. It was pretty busy. I did things very fast and made my day. I'm not doing anything ministry-wise because I have to help my Dad for a while. He has dementia, and he's going to live someplace new. People with dementia have a seriously hard time understanding what's going on. So for the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be visiting him for hours on end so that he knows he's in good hands. There are nurses at this house that will be taking care of him. Again, I want him to understand that he's in good hands. People with dementia don't easily understand that. Sometimes. Every dementia is unique. Everyone has their own dementia. Tomorrow my Dad will be someplace new, and he'll be scared out of his mind. So I have to be there. I don't have to be there because someone is telling me that I have to be, I have to be there to help my Dad like how I want to. So that's going on for the next couple of weeks. Things are going extremely well.

For me, there's a bit of an emergency going on. I depended on my Dad to pay the bills my entire life. I may have had money, but I lived with my Dad. I depended on my Dad to pay for the house and car. Two very expensive things you can't do without. I should be fine. There's actually a labor force to join. I was just talking about it, Trump said, "no more outsourcing," and the Republicans cringed. According to the 2016 Republicans, we needed outsourcing. That's insane. There were no jobs, let alone good jobs. You were lucky to work at McDonald's. Which is a joke. Hell, you were lucky to make 10 dollars an hour! They didn't even pay us enough to live! But yeah, there are jobs. I'm about to make 15-20-25 dollars an hour. I can actually afford to be a citizen of this country. Citizens are able to buy food, right! So I get a job and solve my problems. But there have been no jobs my entire life. This is pissing into the wind a bit because I've never known an America where you can actually work and thrive. My entire life, we've been slaves. So essentially, it's all about how America became a 3rd World nation throughout my life, and now we're finally becoming an Economic superpower again. Can I find a job? Will it pay well? That's what's at stake here. As I said, I couldn't have been independent 10 years ago. No jobs, minimum wage, and the minimum wage was so low it was a disgrace. What Trump talked about. America was in disgrace during Clinton, during George W., during Obama, and then with how the Democrats were acting during Trump's and George W's presidencies.

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