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I just went over my stock playbook. I understand what I'm doing a lot better now. I know the Stock Market looks like it's completely random. It isn't. Everything moves by integrals of 3%. You figure long-long-short or short-long-long. It's pretty predictable. Nobody else can do it. I mean, do you know what that means to me? That's one of the main ways you do it. It isn't going to act crazy. It's going to move in integrals of 3%. I don't know how else to explain it. I mean it's either going up or down. You figure it's moving in integrals of 3% a few times or more.

It's what makes me the best. I've concluded to be able to predict the outcome of a share by a pattern that repeats itself each and every 5 days. That's a joke. Billionaire investors would laugh at me or think I'm crazy. I can get it to repeat itself every 5 days.

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