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Trying to start working.

I'm about to do it. You know what, I just need to open it up.

I'm about to open it up and have my mind blown away.

This is a holy experience. I can't do it justice. I can only testify to what I've experienced.

Yeah, I've been trying to find God since I was 6. God doesn't acknowledge you for decades sometimes. It's a part of God's will that people don't believe. God wants a very fanatic relationship with whoever God can. God is a little fanatic, yes. It's what I have to say. I don't think God is mad at the atheist. The atheist is probably a prized possession of God. He wants to interact with us, but God is not friendly. Not seemingly. Before I go any further:

God is worth experiencing.

It's true, God is worth experiencing. God is barbaric, however. I love the guy to death. He keeps Godmoding everything, though, making IWM irreplaceable. Irreplaceable if even physically possible. Well, God needs to stop that. I went through Hell for 7 years, literally. God was showing me what Hell was like. You have chronic pain and you're miserable. So yeah, anyway, I have problems with God. I love the guy to death, but he can't take my home. That isn't forgivable. Start telling you to go away...

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