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Took a nap pt. 2

Yeah, I was tired. I got 2 appointments tomorrow, and I filled out the leave-sheet wrong, possibly. I'm not sure yet. I have to call tomorrow. Reschedule the appointment, I guess. Things are proving to be very difficult. You have these fucking appointments and they're difficult to make. They want you to spend 5 hours at the doctor's/dentist's (same thing, technically) a month. Like, I have that mother fucking time. I'm starting to get frustrated. I guess this is life, though.

But yeah, I made today a day of rest. Tomorrow night I work on it some more. Next weekend is the 10th or 11th, depending on how you measure it. I only have 35 days left to mass-produce results. I have to get this stuff done. I don't think I'll do it, unfortunately, which puts a lot of stress on me and everybody else. Maybe I can make it happen, still. I'm going to have to take this week as a lesson, though. I work hard. I just worked for 7 days. I didn't work today, so how is that possible? Friday, I stayed up until 11 am on Saturday and slept until 2 pm. Saturday, I went to bed at 2 am. So you figure I had an extra 12 hours. That's almost a day. The lesson I have to learn is that I need a lot of rest. I'll have to sleep in or go to bed early Wednesday or Thursday.

My medical concerns are taking care of right now. I have to know why the medicine stopped working. That's what we're moving into. Why is the medicine stopping working? I know I created several rules that I follow now. I'm a pacifist, for example. Maybe people are just being aggressive. Which they probably are. To get all of these "bright ideas" about how you're going to take them to court are actually really bad ideas. I've learned that. I'm not allowed to fight in the military because of that shit. My nation will never call on me to do violence. That's what I've thought during my bad moments. I thought we were in WW3 and I was a poster boy in the war. So I fought my Dad. I actually just dropped him. He could have fought if he wanted to. He didn't, though, and he wasn't severely injured by me. He wasn't even injured by me.

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