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Took a nap.

I know I screwed up the date for my doctor and dentist. Great. I need to see my psychiatrist and a dentist very badly. I've just about won the battle with my schizophrenia. I take 2 pills a day. That's what you want. If you're taking 5 pills a day, you're doing it because you're unstable. I've taken my medicine 90% of the time. When you relapse with schizophrenia, you stop taking your medicine. Making my record of taking my medicine to be about 90% of the time. It's taken 15 years and a lot of personal success to cope with the schizophrenia. I know the next relapse won't be a dangerous one to me, especially, or really even to anybody else. I have things under control for awhile. I need to learn more about why my medicine is having these relapses to it. You take your medication and you don't relapse. Well, I've relapsed 4x because the medicine wasn't working. This up-and-coming relapse will say a lot about what's causing them.

I do. I have the next relapse under control. I do have a lot of control over my schizophrenia. The problem is that schizophrenia gets you in big trouble because you're framing yourself in the attempt to bar your hallucinations from harassing you through using the Justice System. Well, nobody gets hurt, but it's a serious crime. I know a lot of white men would tell me that I'm never allowed to lay hands on them. White men are persecuted like black men, just in a different way and with a different history. White men are tired of minorities laying their hands on them. I got past all that, though. I've had 5 lapses. Thanks to my Dad, I have the start of a control over my schizophrenia. My Dad was a 5-degree black belt or something, he taught me to fight about things. That was bad that you did that, Dad. It was good when I was young so that I wasn't bullied, but past elementary there are no fights taking place. It's highly illegal. I don't think my Dad made that big of a mistake. I targeted my Dad for fights in bad states of mind largely because he was a 5-degree black belt.

Anyway, my Dad let me relapse on him 5x. So grateful for my Dad. My Dad said I'd regret the way that I talked to him. I don't. That's how you communicated with my Dad. My Dad, however, is exceptionally blessed. Having a job right now is 100% success. I will be able to control my next relapse. After that relapse, though, I have to watch out. The disease is going to target my control so that it can trick me.

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