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Tomorrow is an interview.

I may have a job starting tomorrow. You figure I wake up, have my morning, and I'll still have the entire evening and night to work. I usually fall asleep at 2 am. I'm out for the count by 1 am, however. That's one flaw. I get up, and I only have 3 hours. I don't mind so much because I really enjoy my mornings. It takes me an hour to wake up, but then that gives me 3 hours...didn't even notice. I have 6 hours each day because I'm either waking up or falling asleep for an hour apiece. That's okay. It's some time to relax. Recently because of St. Mary, my mornings have been being easier. The Blessed Lady is a key player. In fact, she's been an inseparable part of my Ministry. St. Mary is the Holy Mother. She's perfect. I think she's the woman nature of Jesus. God is a woman, too. We know how we were created into our image. We were built in the likeness of Jesus. Jesus is God incarnate in human flesh. Women have an express image of Jesus. It's a big deal, reasonably so, but there aren't that many differences between men and women when you live life. St. Mary is the woman nature of God.

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