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Today was a good day

I felt good all day today until about an hour ago. I'm about to go lay back down, I must be tired. Humans are lazy. I was awake for 12 hours, and now I rest. I'm not sleeping, but I am resting. You can rest in a lot of ways, but mainly resting is laying down. Laying down is something I live for. Very gratifying. If I wasn't a follower of Jesus, I'd just make ten million dollars and live as I am for the rest of my life. No work and no responsibilities. Just have to survive. Surviving is hard when you don't feel like doing anything. Money can't fix it. Fortunately, cleaning up isn't that difficult anymore for me. It's one thing that you do have to watch. You have to watch the maids and make sure they're cleaning everything. You actually have to more or less tell them to do it. Life can't be perfect in that way. But you get used to a very small amount of work and play all the other time.

So another good day. I had a couple of downs. One just minutes ago and one after waking up earlier today. Get those out of here and feel good constantly. You need to feel good. If you need to kill somebody or something to feel good, then you need help. Sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. Don't depend on stuff like that to keep you happy. But yeah, once you're 30-40-50 years old, you should be worried about feeling good all the time. You push yourself when you're young because you have so much ground to cover. But the majority of your life should be spent seeking happiness. I suffered a lot when I was young. I persevered.

Life doesn't make sense. I know I cut my work hours by a 1,000%. I didn't expect that. I automated the Stock Market, I think, and now I just have to upkeep the computers. Well, that isn't going to take much time. I persevered for 12 years, and in the 12th year, God revealed 'the Automation.' It's revolutionary, I never thought it possible. That just made me a much more fortunate man, I don't have to work much at all anymore.

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