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I got a whole bunch of energy last night from somewhere I don't know. I've been up for 27 hours straight so far. I got a lot done. I put in about 12 hours. Good. I'm probably becoming more busy doing my work than usual because my Dad doesn't live at our home anymore. This will probably continue. Although, I'll sleep better. This workload isn't going to continue. I'm on my last works. You may not remember, but I called them "super projects." I have nothing but super projects right now. They are highly beneficial. Of course, making money is the number one goal. But that's why I've been doing this stuff. To make money. It's always been all about the money. You just can't live like that and serve God. I'm making a lot of money for myself, but IWM is all about the money. It's an extreme sport. I usually don't like extreme sports. The extreme sport is IWM making all of the money in the World.

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