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This will be a feat.

I plan on getting an education too. I mean, I was a wizard shit kid. I wasn't able to find a value for school in the 1st grade and in the 11th when I dropped out. You learn shit, but it doesn't teach you how to do your job. But yeah, I'm living the life I wanted to live when I was 6. I skipped school, took my raw unrealized potential and figured out the stock market. Plus, I reached happiness. Okay, hold on there. You don't need to worry about money besides working a job these next few years. So I completed my money needs and reached happiness. It couldn't be better.

Which is funny if you knew what it was like being the Lich King. You're damned, quite frankly. Few people know what that's like. But yeah, work for a year. That's more than what Joe Biden has done. It does firmly seat me in reality. Plus I'll make some good money. Why work if I don't have to? That's a good question. I'm getting quite a bit of extra money working. I think in a year I'll make 150 thousand or something, the job will still be substantial. At least for a year.

Working a job does also make me hyper-productive. I worked a job, I got an education, and I planned out IWM to the letter. That's what everyone says you do when you have some sort of blank check as I have with the stock market. Maybe an invention, business, or investment is yielding you riches, so you work a job, get an education, and work on your rhetoric. I'm doing all of these things. It is hyper-competent. Well, hopefully, I can do it.

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