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This is proving to be difficult

In fact, it's impossible. But my family got around to supporting me. I mean, the 5th year in, they backstabbed me. But in the 7th year in they became very supportive. I've been proclaiming my feat with the trumpet for reasons like this. I'm trying to create a government for money. It's my government of money. It goes to charity. Healthcare, food, insurance, and emergency money. That's vague. How about homeless shelters? You will never get off the streets if someone doesn't help you. Quite frankly, you need somewhere to live to become independent. That's what homeless shelters do. They give you a place to stay until you can pay for it yourself. They operate on about 15 million dollars a year, I think. Each homeless shelter. A lot of money. But yeah, the services I'm offering sound vague, but I can infinitely fund "Shriner's Children." You know, deformed people. I plan to. They're talking about euthanizing them. They're happy. I want to make sure it remains that way.

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