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This is going to be very difficult

I have to save all of my energy for my Dad. I was on a roll career-wise, but if I don't help my Dad, bad things will happen.

I guess what I actually need to know is if it's even necessary. I didn't get any complaints about my Dad's behavior. He is acting bad, though, I know that.

So what I have to figure out is whether or not it's urgent enough to begin now.

No it is not. I have to be on watch of this stuff, though. I'm aware I may have to spend my days off with my Dad at his home until he's situated. It hasn't come to that yet, though.

So yeah, I'm on red alert. I have to make sure my Dad conforms to his new life. It's of the utmost importance. We'll know Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

My Dad knows to listen to me, so if he's not cooperating in his new home, then I have to be there. We will know by the end of this week. Gives me more time to prepare for it. I know, buy a bag of weed. I'll be meditating on this. It's of the essence that I make sure my Dad knows the rules in his new home.

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