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This is a hard job.

It pays well, though. I think in a month I'll be used to it. I have to make it this month, however. My guiding principle is not to quit. It's really hard work. Tomorrow will be my 9th day. I'm actually surprised I've made it this far. This is a hard job.

It pays the bills, however. I have to make it 45 days until it becomes easy. Everyone told me, sure, get a drink. Then my manager tells me not to do it anymore. I understand, it's work. Work has a culture to it. You do your job to the best of your ability, yes, sir, and yes, mam. We're all a part of a family to make Bossman rich so that he can pay us good money. But yeah, I have to make it 45 days, and it's too hard...but I calmed down, did my work, and I was fine.

There's some kind of aspect to life to all of this. I appreciated my Dad working. I don't regret anything I did to my Dad, for the most part. My Dad says it all the time. He had a friend in me. I could have appreciated his work more, I suppose. I'm not an unrealistic person. But when your attitude is affected by your work it isn't my problem. My Dad would come home from work and find things to complain about. My Dad and I were good to each other now. I'm getting a taste of what he and everyone else has or have to go through.

This is hard. This teaches me a very valuable lesson. You do something worthwhile, and you work hard all day. I don't have the muscles yet, quite frankly. It's going to take another month before I do. I worked fine with no problems. Well, to the managers. Inside my head, I just wanted to quit.

Quitting my job would be a really stupid thing to do. This is a part of life. For long periods of time, you have to suffer. Everyone. Or at least everyone should. It's reality.

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