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This book series is a trip

I just read something. It was really brilliant. That's why I needed to look over the book. I take it for granted. It is extremely good. I have to finish writing it. It's too heavy for me. I read a lot of heavy books, and my book is the heaviest book I have. I enjoy reading the Bible. The Bible was written very well. The Bible is heavier than my book, but I wouldn't necessarily know that because I enjoy the Bible. This is outlined pretty extensively. I know what my books will be about. But yeah, I read a few sentences, and my mind got tired from how heavy the book was. I mentioned Grammarly helping me. Grammarly is dumbing what I say down. That's good, this book needs to be easier to read. I'll keep on entering professions. That's okay, but they should be easy to read. That's what Grammarly will do for me. Everything will be very easy to read.

Language is an important one. I have to figure out how to be more literate. Literacy means you can communicate better. I'd like to be an expert communicator. It'll do me a wonder.

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