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Thinking about various flaws

5 days of doing something that's actually worth money next week. Monday-Friday. It is going to be a unique challenge. I have to be kind, do my work, and constantly do my work better (you know, until it truly is done good enough). That's going to be a challenge. I was worn out by the second day. I could have kept going, but thank God for the weekend off. Gives me time to recuperate and go back at it even harder. I'm new. I'm supposed to be being much nerdier about what I'm saying. I'm mature, though. I have things figured out. This job shouldn't be a problem. Granted, you can be fired wrongfully. There's nothing you can do about it. That happened to me at Krogers. They terminated my working there because I had an arrest record. In fact, independence could be way more challenging than what I was expecting. I don't know how to secure a job yet. My buddy Sean worked for 3 years before he finally started doing really well. Because of Covid, he works all of the time. Well, good. He's conservative. He should work 12-hour days 7x a week because he wants to work. As Conservatives, we try to excel.

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Planning on paying my bills by stock profit. Never done that before. I was dealing with various tragedies all at once. My Dad terrorized me & that's one reason I've never done it. I didn't feel well,

Smoking a cigar thinking

I have to complete my calculations. I'm not going to let it be difficult. Really peaceful. I'm about to achieve what I've worked on for 16 years. I've done it flawlessly. I get to rest now.

Looking for something to talk about.

I know if I complete my website, I'd benefit very much. I like to talk, too. I've recently lost the happiness of talking rhetorically. I've gained rest for my soul. I will never struggle again. I don'


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