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Thinking about that commitment to have my own family

I don't think I want a family. My Dad was my heart and soul, I absolutely loved taking care of my Dad. He was my son. I can largely take for myself, however. What I mean is that I smoke weed and lay around. That's paradise. I don't know if I want to "take care of my Dad" for 40 years. My Dad loved being a father. I like to smoke weed and lay around, and I can still do that with kids, but I don't know if I'm going to get married. Sluts? My ex-friend Isam has been with the same girl for 6 years now. She's a slut. I was thinking about Isam getting ready to have sex with her, and he must be going, "Hell yes! Damn, is this girl a slut!" It's what you think, it's systematic in our biology. You find mom, and then Mom and Dad give life to what eventually becomes fully functional members of society.

It's something to think about. I would really like to have a family, on one hand. I have too much to offer not to involve children in my life. Even if they were adopted. Adopted children need to be loved too. But of course, if I had my own children, there would be benefits. They'd be closer.

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