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Things aren't going so badly.

My Dad is dying. I don't like seeing that. He got really sick, and I felt horrible. Then he got better, but he's in and out at this point. Very little control over his faculties. Well, that disturbs the shit out of me. I'm praying for a miracle healing, and I'm expecting one.

That's all that's bad going on right now. I am 33, and I have worked my entire life to be capable of something great. Perhaps not worldwide, but successfully, essentially. I wanted a job that was easy. I was smart, they aren't paying workers anything. Or at least they haven't been, and now they are. Better pay was kind of the game in my time, though, you needed a creditable resume. Education, experience, etc. Well, that's a death sentence. Work ten years for nothing and finally get paid decent? That's even if you actually can. It was the game of my life up until these last couple of years. Now jobs pay good, now you have opportunity. America nearly turned into a 3rd World Country. Trump brought all the jobs home, and now Americans have a variety of employment options.

I am hyper-competent. I would be 'Incompetent to Stand Trial' like the guy in the Idaho Murders will be. Most likely. When you have a case IST or 'Incompetent to Stand Trial,' all it means is that you aren't ready for the court case. I was IST, I found it difficult to understand what was going on. They wanted me to acknowledge that I was being charged with Felonious Assault. They asked me if I agreed to it. Well, that's a joke. You don't want to be in Court. Everything is planned out by the Court in advance. The Constitution says a trial by jury, but the Judge is judge and jury when it comes to the advice it gives the Jury. For JP, my friend that killed someone, the Judge gave very clear commands that the Jury should not release JP because he was a danger to others because of what he was soon to be convicted of. Well, that's a joke. The Jury makes its own decisions. Not the case.

But yeah, hyper-competent. Something you would expect out of an "infinite wealth" "minister." I know I instigated Julianna's affection because I was unable to control my sex drive. Women are objects of attraction. Your sex drive says that you have a wife. I said in a recent post that marriage is biological. It is, a woman is your object of affection. It's natural to only want sex with her, even if you can't control it. Well, I also said in another post that I would have sex so that I can manage my arousal. You need women to manage your arousal. What I was talking about with Julianna. I had no arousal because I wasn't actually trying to be with any woman. But yeah, I have that under control right now. My sex drive isn't messing with me. That's extremely important. I have the ability to think clearly headed. Hyper-competent. I'm 33 (in 2 months), and I'm good with women. That sounds like how a right-minded and intelligent man should sound.

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