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Things are waxing new.

I have to redefine life.

I have to copy my pinned post.

I have to clean up.

I have to find a job.

I have to work on IWM.

I have a deadline for IWM results coming up this week. I'm going to have to make it.

So I have to take to the pad with a pen and clearly define everything going on right now. I've already largely done that. I have to go over it again. Okay, in fact, I just read something. Exactly. Exactly what's going on right now. Oh, okay. A call from my Aunt. Wanted to know how my Dad was doing.

You know what it is? I'm becoming a successful adult. It didn't just start, I don't play an 80s song with a 50s montage. This is the thick of the plot. This has been thoroughly pursued. I'm finally starting to truly do well. It's going to be a minute before anything changes. A little may change, but not much. I know my Sister is so welcoming to IWM. What if she got tired of it for a while? Tonya is one of my main helpers in life. Losing her help would really be bad. That's kind of what's going to happen. It's an opera, quite frankly. People are having their emotions control them.

On another hand, I haven't been doing well for a long time. I'm finally starting to do well. I can compete with somebody my age. I could have competed with a 24-year-old. Not 23 and not 25. 24. You were probably into DC Comics when you were 24.

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