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Things are golden, crazy, and the worst they ever been.

I have everything 'higher achievement' figured out. Now I have to master the helm. I'm also faced with having to work a day job. I don't know if I can. I just had two really bad job experiences. I was working for a couple of warehouses, and it was too hard. First time I got unlucky, I had worked there for 9 days. I was getting really good at my job. If I were still there, I'd run my side of the tracks. I was becoming a good employee. A model citizen. Then I started with all of this in between jobs bullshit. I need money and the only places hiring seem to be warehouses. Warehouses are the ideal job, but I have to prepare for them.

I exercise. 5 years ago, I could have done the job with no problem. I have weakened. I need to exercise again. There's a whole bunch of shit that has to be done. It is a golden era, though, too. If I stick to my Ps and Qs, I will survive and overcome this. That's all that's necessary, really. I work for a few years, and everyone else works for 50 years. I can't ever compete with the average worker in regard to work experience. Have to be the path of a different man. But yeah, I work for a few years. Then I get to retire.

It is assured. I've just about mastered the stock market. I'm taking a break today for some reason. I know my thoughts have turned off. That's luck. I do feel much better. All of that thinking was stressful as hell. I don't need to think anymore. Now just master my emotions. Emotions are believed to be the harder one to accomplish.

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