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Things are going well.

I was thinking about how God is leading me down hazardous paths. This is probably one of the best attempts to make things happen ever. It can't be easily matched. God isn't like that. He religiously observes the rights of his creatures. It seems like anything can happen to us, but it isn't true. God may not recreate IWM. I have IWM. But yeah, God's will be done, right? God has me going down dangerous paths. Not to my safety or anything. It's my degree of excellence. How can you afford to get into two accidents on the road? You can't. I don't think people are easily accessing what they need to. They never will, either, or unless people can pick themselves up from their bootstraps. I don't believe choice is always important. They get into that. St. Paul said not to let the homeless eat. We do give to the homeless. It's been a tradition since before and immediately after St. Paul wrote that. "Let them go hungry" in the strongest sense possible. Yes, give them food and other provisions, but it's either them or us. That's all there is to it.

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