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Things are a lot different.

I got really bent out of shape for some reason. But that's a job. I might have to work at it. I know I get 40 days of paid vacation time. If I can, I'll take every Wednesday off. Probably doesn't work like that, though. But that's what I mean. It may. I have a really good job and I'm just being stupid. God wanted me to test my faith, however. I've been doing my work, but I missed a day today. Bossman abhors calling in off. Well, God didn't act perfectly. God wanted and God took. People aren't realizing that today. "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away." It's in the Bible. Job 1:21. God is divine, he does whatever he wants. He is doing them for our good, however. My Dad's early death was obviously meant to exalt him in the Kingdom of Heaven. He's going to get healed, though. I just can't negate the fact he's on his deathbed. He's 67 in 35 days and he's not going to make it past 70 if even makes it past 67...well Salvation is my greatest aspiration for my Dad. God took my Dad to be in Heaven with him.

Anyway, I've done some good work at my job. I need to go in there and not have a problem for at least 2 months. After 2 months, my probationary period ends. Schedule a 10-day long vacation and ask about my 40 days of pay.

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