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They're saying Schizophrenics have to work.

Because I'm fine most of the time the Government says I have to work. A mental hospital is meant to house criminal offenders. They don't leave the hospital, but they get the protection of the hospital. It really is important. The white guys were lesbians in GP. That means they were women having sex with each other. I have never experienced that firsthand. I know these n****'s are rapists! I'm going to the psych floor! And I do. You get protection in a mental hospital. It's really priceless. You may have nothing, but you're safe. You go to prison, have nothing, and then get into wars with groups of people. It's really constant. Felons are not good people. You help them by taking everything they have and start keeping them somewhere where they don't have anything so that they can harm themselves or someone else. They're dangerous.

Anyway, I have to work because schizophrenics kill less than normal people. It isn't a danger to have me around. How do I pay my bills? There's no choice but to be ill. I need 5 thousand dollars a month if you want me to walk the street. I ain't working mother f****er. I go out of my mind when my medicine stops working.

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