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There was a lot of pressure to make money

I didn't feel comfortable with having a bunch of money and having others take care of it for me. I mean, how do you break the bond? How much did I make? Somewhere around 10 million. I used to have this goal to invest every weekday for 3 years and make 500 trillion dollars. I'm not ready yet, unfortunately. It's what people have been telling me. "Make the money." But what they were saying was that they only cared about me because of the money. Only my Aunt has been saying that shit in my family. I have extended family or distant family that says it, but we aren't cool. I trash those people all the time. For example, Robin is a yoga instructor. She smells body odor all day at work. I smell paint. Paint is much more respectable. Robin is kind of dirty. BO, yoga, and poverty. By next year I will have made 40 thousand dollars. I'm middle class. I've escaped poverty. I won't be dealing with poverty as long as I have my job or another other good job. My boss was talking to everyone, he doesn't like to fire people. He needs us there doing our job for 3 months before he gets an ROI (Return on Investment). Well, okay. That makes sense. You don't make money by training people all the time. There's always someone new working at Krogers. Krogers trains people all the time.

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