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The World's Treasury and Central Bank

The World's Treasury is the Catholic Church. But every nation will be its own bank. I'm going to make 100 quadrillion dollars, well, 25% of that was taxed. So the United States, for example, has 15 quadrillion dollars. I actually only have 75 quadrillion dollars. Taxes are good. Taxes are like voting. You have to do it. That way, we can have roads and stuff.

What's the significance? I'm starting to fathom what's going to happen. I'm going to create a hyper economy, I believe, until the money runs out. The money runs out in about 400 years. Well, the chances are my money won't even be needed. I think companies will start to pay us, more or less, to use their product. What if they did that? Doesn't that sound more realistic? Okay, you make money but not enough so you can't afford it. Instead the owner said you could have it.

Money can work that way.

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