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The Times

I talk about the times a lot. Obviously, a lot of people aren't making it. It is somewhere around 25% of the Country. This is the United States, too, this is the only place where funny stuff wasn't going on. Now a fourth of everyone is a moron. But you also have to factor in the Millennial's situation. Some 50 million people don't work and live at home with their parent's. So you have to wonder how we're about to survive this one. 50-75% of the people are doing what they're supposed to. They're surviving as being legitimate. I mean, if you don't care about popularity, just stay at home with Mom and Dad. Independence is about having a certain lifestyle. A lot of people live according to it. I think usually as always, they get shown up. Have to rely on Mom and Dad. That is if you want to be successful. You can do it on your own, but that's for a rare breed. I mean, if you go broke, get sick, or want a break, the only people who will help you are your parents. After that, it means you go to live in a Group Home. It is an interesting notion to go your entire life without any help from your parents. If my parents wanted that, I would have probably done that. That's how some people are, after all, remember.

In conclusion, people are still surviving. We won't survive without Civilization. Human beings need medicine. It isn't an option, without our medicines, we die. We have to have the sophistication for an appropriate society. Will we continue to retain that? That's what's at stake here. We are melting down as a civilization, society, and world. What will we leave behind for our posterity?

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