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the Thrill of the Game

I have a good understanding of what's taking place here. I may need some time. I have to advance far enough in the future, at its rate, to work successfully for a few years. I was thinking about working to have money in the future. I do not know if I could handle that. I'll have IWM operational, and then I'll have to work for 32 hours a week. That's right, part-time. I don't think if I have IWM operational, I'll want to go to work. Maybe a hard lesson. IWM cannot control you like that. Nothing can. I know my Dad didn't understand that one. My Dad was a dinosaur. We all are, but he's one of the older ones of us. But yeah, he'd find things to complain about after he worked. IWM can't be like that. My Dad got away with it. Someone in my generation wouldn't get away with it. They'd be hospitalized.

But yeah, work part-time, I can handle that. For how long, I don't know. 40 thousand dollars will be a lot of money to me for a long time. I've had to adjust my figures. I was my Dad's caregiver, so I managed his money. I think 40, 50, & 60 thousand are the plant crew's wages. Someone making 50 bucks an hour has an education. To make 50 thousand, you're the feet of the body. It's those guys in factory work. My Dad makes about that. I never worried about money. I was buying 3 meals a day for my Dad. My Dad's money stayed firm until the end. That's a lot of money. 40-50-60 thousand.

I'm going to start by making 30 thousand at a time. I haven't completely thought this out. I know that the money is too difficult to amass. You enter into class warfare and are running a small business. I need to start smaller. Come to think of it, I know why. I'm not prepared to manage that kind of money.

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