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The Proclamation

Yes, I am the King of Israel. My kingdom is not divided. "All" Israel. It was a miracle I experienced after I was saved. I believe this means I'm destined to do I.W.M. I don't believe God will just do everything for you. He's omnipotent. This was free will and predestination. Predestination being "foreknew." Well, how could he know about me if I don't exist yet? I've chosen this path. I believe that because sinners know they're doing wrong. It's why they go to Hell. Hell is just. That means somebody was decrepit. I mean, you can save a person by marrying them, you can probably save them by prayer as well. At Church, we pray for the salvation of souls. Is it said in vain? No. But no, the Bible doesn't talk about salvation outside of Faith and righteousness.

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