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The potatoes have gravy

We're launching it. I planned to do this even with my Dad around. My Dad didn't bother me. He needed help desperately, so I helped him. This is the beginning of an official I.W.M. I've only shown a half dozen people something substantial a few times. A lot of sustenance. This is going to be the end of my temporary vow of poverty, and we'll have a lot of stuff. An employment history, a book series, healthiness, and money. Primarily. That's impressive. You even pulled off an employment record. "Substantial job." I've learned a lot. You work a job if you don't have a lot of money. You either do that or die. I have something that I think will help people. I'm a minister, remember? I should have found a way to humble myself if it weren't basically already done for me. I was poor, but I humbled myself. If you're born rich, you really do need to be challenged. You'd need to humble yourself. What world do you live in? Life is about time before and after work. Work doesn't take up as much time as you think.

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Planning on paying my bills by stock profit. Never done that before. I was dealing with various tragedies all at once. My Dad terrorized me & that's one reason I've never done it. I didn't feel well,

Smoking a cigar thinking

I have to complete my calculations. I'm not going to let it be difficult. Really peaceful. I'm about to achieve what I've worked on for 16 years. I've done it flawlessly. I get to rest now.

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I know if I complete my website, I'd benefit very much. I like to talk, too. I've recently lost the happiness of talking rhetorically. I've gained rest for my soul. I will never struggle again. I don'


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