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The extent of I.W.M. is "just making it."

You figure the Stock Market grows to 200 trillion in the United States. The World's stock market grew by 150% as well. So that's 500 trillion then. The Stock Market will grow by 100% by 2030. By 2040 it'll grow by 200%. So because it's 2040, the official time that the Infinite Wealth fundraising campaign is going on, the Stock Market will be worth about a quadrillion dollars. 500 trillion in 2030. 1 quadrillion by 2040. That's my forecast and I know that I'll be right. I can make the GDP of the Stock Market and be alright. I might be able to make more than that. It all depends on the science and math I've been working on. I don't take from anyone by making all of this money. It's a banking system or a type of lending system. If people are buying my shares, I could really go crazy with things. Like 500 decitrillion. I'll make anywhere from 100 quadrillion to 500 quadrillion. That's based on 1 quadrillion a year. After 30 years, I make more like 100 quadrillion.

But a trick is how I use the revenue and stock market itself to generate more business. People will probably flock to the Stock Market while I'm doing the I.W.F.C.

I haven't completely figured this out. I'm still working on it. I can start making money, though, yes. I've gotten that far. I need to start making the money. 500 billion is really hard to achieve. In fact, it's a cliche for impossible. Still work left to be done. I can make somewhere around 100 quadrillion. It'd cost 10 quadrillion dollars to give everyone in the World 1 million dollars. So you're looking at 100 quadrillion being the spot.

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