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The Empire in utter retreat.

I needed to be able to hold down a job. My Dad used to say to make sure to find a woman that has had a job for a year in a row. That's the way he figured my Mom wasn't a match. It's kind of true, you need work experience.

I haven't realized it until now, but I didn't know the quintessential of having a job until I've begun to work at this plant. This is a mature job. Focus Hope, Kroger's, and Kohl's weren't jobs. I don't know what that was. This is a real job. I face real challenges from working there. I either work or I don't get much money. There isn't going to be a perfect job. I'll be challenged at each job paying 17-25-50 dollars an hour. It's some real shit. This is how I came into existence. My Dad took care of me, my Brother, and my Sister while working 50 hours a week. I had Nannys. But yeah, what just happened? I worked too hard and my body gave out. Well, this is everyday shit. You work this hard when you get paid 20 dollars an hour or whatever.

But yeah, I'm doing my job. I'm doing stupid shit that gets you in trouble. So it doesn't matter how good of a worker I am because I don't do 100% of what I'm supposed to do. Like calling in the day off, for example. I was clearly told I could do it once. I was likewise clearly told that the second time may be grounds for being fired. Then you're getting to the 4th time. 4th time is an automatic firing.

But yeah, real-world shit. I got tired and it became too hard to do my job. We don't operate regarding doing shit like that. IWM is not the Welfare State. I know the greatest factor to IWM is the factor of abuse. I've designed the vast majority of my plans around the inability to abuse the system. But yeah, what's a basic day at work? When we perfect our economic system, everyone makes 25 dollars an hour, and there is no inflation because of it. How we do that, I don't know. I do know that it can't be done by a command economy. The minimum wage is a command economy. You raise it, and prices rise higher, and it equals out so that people are poor again.

Well, okay. How can I interact with businesses to exemplify our excellent work ethic? I don't know. This is where it gets really bold. I'll do it with confidence, but I'll be doing that knowing there is no consequence. But yeah, it's real-world shit that's going to explain this aspect of my movement. It's everyday shit, but Biden and Obama knew nothing about it. They never worked. They were privileged children. It's one of my criticisms of George W. George W raised the retirement age until age 67. It was so easy for him to make the cut. He doesn't know what that means for working-class Americans. He doesn't know because to him his Dad was so great he got to be treated better than everyone else. Same with Biden and Obama, just in a different circumstance.

So far it looks like I'll be fired over attendance, and I'm working so hard that my muscles are giving out. Two very real problems. But correct them and there's a more perfect work experience. I could actually do what a monkey could do. That says a lot. A lot of people have been knocked cold hard off their high horse. I'm not that much better than everybody else. There's just the element of yes, everybody wants to protect me first in a dangerous situation. I am valuable. Or I will be. That's not cowardice. I'll save more people in 1 hour than what gets lost in an enemy's invasion.

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