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The deal is to be more liberal about it.

I've never really wanted to be celibate. It's been beyond me. I'm open to not being celibate. It is something you can do, but I've decided to sacrifice that as a treasure in Heaven. I have a lot of treasure in Heaven already. I just want to be free. You do earn the heavenly treasure. It's something you do to enrich yourself in the sight of God. It's done me well, but I don't want to be sex free my entire life. It's good that I have been, but I just want to be free. After a while, nothing will arouse me. I need sex. I'll have sex on a few occasions or date a few fair women. That way, I can be free of the need. I don't like the need. I watch pornography. To me, the need is too much, even if it isn't much. That's where we're at right now. I don't want a headache for the rest of my life. A headache isn't that bad, but I just want to be free. I do want to be free. Remember, I am a Republican that votes conservative. I'm a moral values voter. But I am American. I know it looks like America got sacked, and now America almost has it under control again. We're surviving the winter. Good. Biden was an idiot, but the Country is still in one piece. All of that bipartisan bill shit was good. Kept the Democrats busy. We depend on the Democrats. Biden is my brother, technically. My brother from another mother. We're seeing the end to 20th Century politics is what it is. Everything is changing a lot. We haven't made changes in a hundred years. I said that Liberalism will be more popular, but the Democrat Party will change. These policies are unsustainable, and everyone with common sense knows that. It's time to retire your argument, and the Dems know that. So do the Republicans. The Republicans died first.

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