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The best laid plans of mice and men.

It is like that. This is some one-man army shit. God isn't letting me off easy. I could only imagine how bitter I'd be if I had to work these last 15 years. They say half the country doesn't work. People that couldn't handle it aren't doing it. I said I saw about 15 people get hired, and now they don't work there. I expressly overheard managers talking about it. They didn't remotely have the physical capacity. I lasted 3 weeks by 8 different days. 8 days was the going record. Nobody else was lasting... There are a lot of people that are going to be homeless. They're living with elder family. Those family members pass, and what do they do? I was at Kohl's, and this one black guy was stereotypically stupid. He thought he had to run back and forth throughout the store. I mean, how could you be so stupid? He's homeless now. I see him on one of my street corners all the time. I mean, yeah. How could you be that bad? Moreover, 10 people got hired at Kohl's, and then they were all fired the next day. This is the free market. I have to provide a service at a typical place of business. That's what I'm wrapping my brain around right now.

I told you, I get around. I just met a hundred people at work. Mom dropped junior off, and then junior quit his job. That's a very valuable impression to me. That's what's going on out there. Nobody can work. But you see, I'm smart. My Dad wanted to be my friend and he was willing to bet my life on how I would too. It worked out in the end. Taking care of my Dad was a sacred experience. You know, he foreclosed, he can't access his bank, so where does he go now? He would've been a mentally ill 63 year old that was picked up off the streets. He has special medical needs. The ordeal probably would have killed him. I'm so thankful that I got to help my Dad for 4 years.

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