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That was good work.

I just organized some of my writings. It's all neatly organized now. I do have something here that I think is incredible. I'm about to write such a good book as long as I don't come off wrong. Which is what I'm working on right now. Artistic talent. I can make a book that communicates my ideas, but it doesn't defend my beliefs or vice versa. This book is going to be perfectly clear. I had to write the books if I wanted to do IWM. These books will preserve my work as well. Communists won't like my ideas. My ideas are democratic. They'll like the money, but I'll be one of their greatest motives for hostility. I am extremely Western. The West is taking over. The East just doesn't want to call it quits. But yeah, there will be no debate on where I stood in economic matters. Political, religious, theological, etc. I am a very clearly communicated individual in history. That's good, more freedom, more money, and more opportunity. But yeah, I just cleaned that mess up. I have several super projects that I'm working on. Some of them will be completed by next year, and some of them will take years to complete. These super projects are all going to take a turn in the right direction, however. Today's one of my days off, but if I want to work, I wouldn't mind working. I know I have to get a job soon. I'll be busy four days of the week.
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