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That cool shower did the trick.

I feel a lot better now. If only I had known before. This may take a while. Bossman is giving me the opportunity to work there because he needs people to work for him. I don't have the experience so far to handle this job.

Zero call off's. That's the main thing every employer wants. I've been having a problem with that. Tardy, not really. No going awol, not refusing to do my job, etc. But calling off is my problem. If I had known a cool shower would defuse me as it has, I'd be at work right now. I don't have that insight, though, yet. I could go write about it. That may work. Do some research. In fact, I think I will.

I mean, you only get one call-off. I'm sure the bossman is going to let me slide for it. He said to go ahead and do it once, but by the second time, you may be fired. I really want to work this job. But yeah, I haven't stretched or used medicine so far. Shit I'm going to have to start doing.

But yeah, I have to have the mind power to put this into a nutshell. I also have to figure out what I'm doing wrong generally. Friday is the 10th. I have 35 days to meet the deadline for IWM, and I'm mentally and physically exhausted. New job, yes, but don't be retarded. I'm good at my job. Yesterday I took care of an end for bossman. He had 24 totes that needed scrapping, and it got done. I love my job, but the hard work bent me out of shape.

I have to figure this out quickly. Bossman uses ROI for the value of his employees. Takes 3 months to get a return on his investment. Well, everyone I've seen so far doesn't work there anymore. Bossman must be hurting. But he fills those positions, and it's done. He has a steady workforce. He just had some problems with trusted employees. Business is hard. The Stock Market doesn't seem hard to me, but I've been working on it for 6 years, with 6 other years in between. 6 years on, 6 years off. I took some time to be with my Dad, for example. 4 years in total. 3 years technically. I planned on taking a life's break for 3 years. So it's been 12 years total, but I was on vacation for 3 years. That leaves 9 years. I was too sick to work for 3 years. That's 6 years. It's been 6 years on and 6 years off. But yeah, I've worked on getting the stock market operational for 6 years. It doesn't seem hard but it's actually quite impossible. Business is hard.

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