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Taking care of my Dad was good for me

I realized how important it is to eat. I might be about to cook up some chicken tenderloins. Probably will. Taking care of my Dad was taking care of myself. I slept better, felt better, ate better, etc. You have to have a decent diet to feel happy. Not eating will make you depressed or sad. Man did my Dad and I have a blast, though. He's dying, I'm not 100% sure that God will heal him. My Dad's retirement was supposed to be the good days. Instead, he developed Dementia and had to be committed to a care team. It isn't his fault. I got a job, I feel good, and I have money. I made 150 bucks today. I make as much money as my Dad or more. Wasn't about the money. The money was nice, but my Dad was too well to go to some 24/7 care. My Dad and I had a blast. My Dad was having problems, though. He wasn't happy that he got Dementia.

But yeah, I just ate some yogurt. I feel pretty good. I'll probably cook those tenderloins in a few hours. Food is how you get high off life. My Dad just said that he did have a blast. It wasn't uncommon for me to spend 8 hours a day helping my Dad. He needed to eat. He turned into a mother ****ing baby, my God! I have to feed him. I mean, what? A man can't eat? I have to feed him!

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