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I don't know how people deal with it. I guess they don't, time tells the tale. They get all super crazy.

I just wrote out a list of things that bother me. I haven't completed the 'Stress' portion. I don't know how people survive without writing this shit down. I was thinking about one of the most successful people I've ever met, and he is an ex-friend that was a bad friend, but his Dad worked at GM. His son was an idiot, his daughter didn't strike me as impressive, and he was divorcing his wife, his mom. He didn't do it. He couldn't stay married, and he couldn't protect his children. He was a pretty huge failure in the scheme of things.

I guess that's my purpose. I'm writing a lot to explain things to others. I think I have a comprehensive knowledge. I know things aren't like they were when I was a kid. Do you remember 'Get Low' by Little John? Blacks don't do that shit anymore. To be cool with rap songs, you used to have to be into it because it was quite retarded. We reached a pinnacle in human civilization, and everybody had to unite. Virtually everyone has united. Nobody pays attention to your skin color. It is a sex thing, though. I like black women, I can see how my female peers like black men. Gives me a chance to brag, however. Every girl wants Blond hair and Blue eyes. I agree, a blonde woman is hyper-attractive.

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