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I'm about to go work on some 5-Ws. Actually, they're a subgroup of 5-Ws. It's an inquiry into economic principles I've created. What principles have I created? I'm about to go find out. Other than that, everything is according to plan. I've outdone myself. Truly. This is what I wanted to create. I have so many of these things being produced right now. I didn't work that long to have all this stuff. I mean, it takes me four years, and I publish a biography, more or less. I'm writing a book series that's way ahead of my time. In fact, it's genius. If I can keep this raggedy bag of bolts together, I can revolutionize everything. That is the plan, though. To "change the world." I've taken this very delicately. I'm about to post this and work on my 5-W. You could call everything I'm writing right now a "5-W." That's the work at play here. Create the 5-Ws, and that's the proper course of action right now. Ah, yeah. I know why. I can finish my autodidactism. Yeah, I have a hundred pages of 5-Ws right now. I could make that a year-long study. Really densely populated with authentic and original content. Just in the things I'm talking about. My Table of Contents rules.

So I just posted my Table of Contents to Facebook. They may not be here. They were really good, though. My spoiling them on Facebook, I got insanely more intelligent. Some people just read those and complimented me on them. But they pointed out a lot of flaws to me. For example, I said "success" and "honor," but not that success and honor stem from each other. Make the case that they can, and we may build bridges. I have to figure this out. At nine tonight, I will. That's in about an hour. I'm just going to relax and take in the criticism. Man, did it feel good to have actually written something good. For about five years, I was a ranting lunatic. I wasn't trying to sound that way, I just was. It was schizophrenic-like. As though I had another personality I couldn't control. I got rid of that shit with Facebook a long time ago.
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