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Spent a half hour cleaning.

Half hour-Twenty minutes. Got some cleaning done. This should be easy with my Dad gone, but I think it's still a bit of a challenge. It's just not cleaning up on a daily basis. My Dad would make these little messes. What? Mail on the floor? Well, I have to pick it up. Did he spill a sauce? Clean it up. So there's sauce on the floor, and I have to clean it up. It was hard, but I was defending my Dad. I did a good job. He's happy where he is now because he doesn't think the same anymore. He likes the nursing home. It's "cozy." Which is good, I put my Dad at peace. Now he's in the hospital, and he feels better. That's ideal. I was defending his right to be free. A hospital setting is the last thing we want. Well, it was, it was the last thing we wanted immediately, and now my Dad is adjusted. Seniors with Dementia get very cozy. They don't feel good, and they don't feel bad. Not to the greatest extent. If my Dad could talk, he'd probably say he's handling it. All you can do.

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