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So tired I couldn't sleep

Couldn't sleep. This isn't good. This is bad. I need to go to sleep by 4 am to be up tomorrow. Probably will happen. I've learned if it takes longer than 4 hours, it works before 5 am. But I have noticed that I will eventually fall asleep.

Yeah, today was a crazy busy day. I got some motivation and revolutionized the playing field. I wasn't getting it before. This authoring stuff isn't going to be that difficult when everything is said, done, and over with. This is the Philip Taylor aspect of it. People mainly know 'Saint Taylor' by "I.W.M." Philip Taylor was a revolution in of himself. IWM doesn't work with IWM. Well, everyone knows Saint Taylor by IWM. That's what made St. Taylor famous.

Superb. Now, if only I can preserve it. That's something I haven't done yet. I haven't completely secured everything yet. Basically, I'm stashing documents at my family's. The writings are too valuable. They're sacred. I will not be able to do it again easily. I may not even be able to do it. I tapped into a strength to be able to do it in the first place. IWM is done by IWM. "IWM is done by IWM" is so true. That's why I had to play hardball with Julianna and Robin. Julianna and Robin wanted the money. Well, the money is an entirely different path. I understand that when I flip the switch, I'll either be money or IWM. IWM had to be done first and before money. Why that is, is on behalf of the most direct route to success. If I skip IWM, I may never get the chance to build it again. I needed all of my attention focused on making IWM happen. Once more, it's because I make the money and peak off at that. I messed with the powers at be and I made money, but by doing so, I sacrificed a historical achievement.

It was unprecedented. What does a guy have to do to get a girlfriend? I have a 99.9% accuracy at investing. So that's bullshit. People have paid very little respect to my claims. The deal might be that I'm schizophrenic. I can have my dreams, but they won't be respected. Most people think schizophrenia is when you try to be important (because of a mental illness). I've been around thousands of mentally ill people. Nobody is thinking they're hot shit. That's a false characterization.

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