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So much going on.

I just became capable of working. My last job taught me that I need to be fitter. Because when I find another blue-collar job, I'm going to need to be strong. One guy told me about how he was at a desk for 8 hours a day sealing windows. That would be difficult. I have to accumulate the strength to have these jobs. I have some time to get into better shape. I should continue to work so that I can make money and get more experience. For a businessman, they're looking for an ROI before you're officially a good employee. Completing the ROI is what it's all about at this point. I'm not stupid in the slightest. All besides having to quit. I've worked 4 jobs and I've done decently at them. That's good. There is no slacking on my record. That's mainly what they look for. You need to do your work and be a dependable employee. I'm not so dependable. I can change that.

I could work on my GED. Get that done. I could go get that right now. I know what's on it. They want to know if you can read, write, and do math. I'll pass perfectly fine. I want to cram a high school education for the advantage it gives me in some jobs and also for the future ambition of a higher education. Unfortunately, it's looking like I can't meet the Stock Market deadline. I'm going to have to go at this employment stuff for 9 months and then resume all other efforts then. But I'm not entirely sure what I'll do. So maybe I will meet the deadline. I have to cool off for a couple of weeks. This is going to get scary. I have some time, but I'm only going to get so many opportunities. This is difficult. What do I do about dinner? I haven't worried about it too much. I depended on my Dad's help to do IWM. I never imagined this happening. Neither did my Dad. A big reason my Dad and I argued was that I couldn't depend on my Dad my entire life. He's my Dad and I'm his grown adult son. I need to be in my peer group. I can't live off of my Dad forever. Well, Dad. I realize you were trying to be my friend, but exactly! You're 66 and you're on your deathbed! My Dad taught me better than to listen to him about that. I needed to be figuring out where I stay, what I eat, and where my money comes from. Not helping my Dad so that we can just have good times together. There were. There were many arguments about it.

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