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So I left things to wellness

I'm not on Social Security. I don't want to be broke for the rest of my life, so I'm not on social security. I left things up to being well. Few people are having problems doing their job. Working is like a sex life, you do it in a certain way, and indeed everyone does. Work is what we're trying to unite the planet with right now. America has created a peace, and I think it's noble. God probably does respect it. Why America hasn't been destroyed, this is "the peace." Can Christians worship in safety? Well, the way we see it, the freedoms of the homosexual and other minorities protects the rights of everyone. Everyone is equal, and crimes are predatory. We remove the predator (any kind of predator) from society.

But yeah, this is all dependent on good health. Few people are struggling at work. A job is what you do. I mean, in a way, a job is nothing but suffering, but most of us understand (in today's economy) why we need to be there. Everything is dependent on good health and economic opportunity. We haven't had economic opportunity my entire life. Get an education and make 30 thousand. You have to commit to being a nurse or technician. Nurses made 40 thousand. My Dad makes about that, and it is plenty of money. You're middle class. Well, I would never want to be a nurse. I'm not good at it. The way I see it is if something happens, it's my fault. Nothing would be my fault, but knowing that things are going on that aren't right would drive me crazy. I don't want the responsibility. You become a nurse when you want to be a nurse. But yeah, that was the opportunity. Go to school for 4 years and make 30-50-60 thousand. The jobs weren't even out there still. My Uncle got a Teacher's Diploma, and he couldn't find work. What I mean, we nearly became a 3rd World Country. No opportunity, no justice, and no peace of mind. We nearly started to live in squalor. Must have been Trump. Trump illegalized outsourcing and made it a law that companies had to return their overseas jobs to the United States. Nobody is even talking about it.

But yeah, I'm the same fish to fry as everyone else. I work, and I need good health. Have something bad happen to your health, and you're screwed. Healthiness is all important. You should be thankful to have the opportunity to work, quite frankly. Which to a lot of us is a joke for many reasons. Low wages being one of them. Besides your health, I actually need a job I can depend on. Everyone needs a good job and needs their health to keep working at it. I don't have a job yet, and I have health concerns. My health is messed up. I'm so sick I could get Social Security.

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