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Salvation by God (Jesus) alone.

It's in the Bible quite a few times. You should compliment God's majesty. God is a living being that is holy or divine. I'm not trying to blasphemy, but it doesn't seem like that. It seems like God is mean or evil or something. That's just God. God is very aggressive. I see. 'Aggression' is a part of God's nature. My Dad was very aggressive. I didn't like that. I don't like it when God does it either.

But yeah, no blasphemy. God can be your worst enemy. He might do very evil things to someone. Anyone for that matter. Could be me, could be you.

God is ultimately what saves you. Not Thessalonians 2:5, or belief in your once saved always saved or something. God as Jesus saves you and that's the only thing that saves you.

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