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Got lazy. I guess I could start now. I've actually had a pretty good day. Just taking care of things here and there. I like that. That's the plan. I don't plan on it being perfect anymore, I have two toilets, and I'll clean both of them every five days. Let's try that out. Five days for two toilets. I'll have to start making it a purpose to use the upstairs bathroom more often. Use two toilets less frequently and clean both of them every five days. Sounds like a plan. This casualty is a good approach. Try to keep the place looking acceptable, even to the highest standards. You know, that actually isn't even a good plan. I should stop using the upstairs bathroom. That's the guest bathroom. I still live downstairs, I like it down here.

Oh, okay. Get it clean and keep it that way. There is no one else here, it won't be a problem. You get into having kids, and my wife is expected to do most of the cleaning. I'll clean and cook, but I want the greater parts done by my wife. Is that unreasonable? I don't think that it is. I mean, I can cook. Cooking is easy because I know how to cook. I can cook anything besides a turkey or ham. I put chickens in the crockpot.

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