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Relaxed Sexual Laws

I think sex is an oddly governed one. You aren't supposed to have sex with anyone but your wife. Period. Nobody does that. Nobody has ever really done that. Not in the West. In the East, women are sex slaves, more or less. In the West, you're supposed to seek sex. These women are adulterers. I know my friends. My friends are all having sex. So are my family members. I'm the only person I know besides my Priest at Church that is a virgin. I know that virginity shit is starting to get to me. What I mean is that it's something people do. I'm one of them. I'm glad I did it. I had no business having sex except to have sex. Well, don't have sex and solve all your problems in life. I did that. I'm the King of all Israel. I'm doing amazingly. What I'm doing is against the nature of the World. I mentioned everyone is having sex. They are these days. It's kind of always has been that way, you don't ever really win with sex. When I get my teeth fixed, I'll ask a girl out. I really wanted to do it online. Women don't do online dating. I knew that may be the case. Women don't want to use online dating, they want to meet you. I have a science on this. I'm going to forgive normal sex abuse. You can't be having sex five times a day, and neither can you have sex before marriage or with kids in the house. Realistic sex laws. If you're a sex fiend, you're talking to the wrong person. I mean, I don't even know if women understand that they can masturbate. You need to rub your ***** lips with your fingers until you're satisfied. Do women understand that? They may not. Guys know about it, but they don't do it. They don't like it. I'll ask a girl out when I get my teeth fixed. If I can enter into a relationship where everything is strong, then sex might be an option. I got a little experience from online dating, don't get too horny. Why? Because you can't ask women for sex. Gentlemen don't do that. The guy that gets married is pretty dope. If you date someone respectable they won't have sex.

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