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Relaxed for a while. Nichol messed me up. I got work tho

Just relaxing. I got a lot of work to do. It isn't that unusual. It's a basic standard of life. You stress out quite a bit. Keeps everyone happy. There isn't much to talk about. I won't be talking nearly as much. What? IWM takes IWM to do? That makes sense. No one has ever done this before. I've never heard of anyone say 500 trillion dollars. Maybe when we learned about it in school. Nobody is thinking about it. How do you do that? Rockefeller and Ford, for example, did it. I like Ford. I should study him. He was a lot like me. Oh! Edison! Edison is the source.

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Planning on paying my bills by stock profit. Never done that before. I was dealing with various tragedies all at once. My Dad terrorized me & that's one reason I've never done it. I didn't feel well,

Smoking a cigar thinking

I have to complete my calculations. I'm not going to let it be difficult. Really peaceful. I'm about to achieve what I've worked on for 16 years. I've done it flawlessly. I get to rest now.

Looking for something to talk about.

I know if I complete my website, I'd benefit very much. I like to talk, too. I've recently lost the happiness of talking rhetorically. I've gained rest for my soul. I will never struggle again. I don'


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